Athena Henna Stencil


The Greek goddess Athena is renowned for her wisdom and mastery of many skills: arts, crafts, math, strategy, law, and more. Her dedication to learning lives on through your quest to master the art of DIY henna designs. Beginners and experienced artists marvel at the elegance of the Athena sticker stencil. The strategically-designed series of concentric circles are completed with a ring henna design, and together they will display your dedication to the craft and furthering your knowledge.

This medium-sized piece is versatile enough to wear anywhere you'd like. If you're just beginning to gain the wisdom of DIY henna designs, then Mihenna's sticker stencils are the best strategy for you. Applying henna paste with the help of the stencil ensures you'll achieve perfection each time you try. Place the sticker stencil the best location and smear the paste over the top. Allow it to dry between two and twelve hours, and when you peel off the sticker, you will have a henna design fit for a goddess.

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