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  • In the Spirit of Holi

    As flowers begin to peek up from their winter sleep, the festival of color begins. Each year, Spring brings the Hindu festival of Holi. Around the ...
  • Introducing: The Henna Freckle Kit

    Our collection of henna tattoo kits is growing with the introduction of our new Henna Freckle Kit! We know how much you all loved Natalia’s video ...
  • The Best Henna Ink

    Look no further! We've concocted the best henna ink from our unique blend of all-natural, skin-safe ingredients to give you a smooth application, long lasting color, and more!
  • More Henna Q&A

    Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our first post on Henna Tattoos Q&A, and to everyone who reached out with additional questions, we have answe...
  • Customer Review - Wedding Henna

    One of our customers shares the story of how Mihenna helped her get wedding-ready just in time!
  • What is the Best Gift for Your Best Friend?

    It can be hard to pick out the perfect gift for your best friend when she deserves the whole world. We’ve got an idea that will be a better fit for...
  • Celebrate Diwali with Henna Tattoos

    Happy Diwali to all our friends and family, near and far. We hope your day is full of love, light, and henna.
  • Halloween Costumes with Henna Tattoos

    Capture all the details of your Halloween costume with henna tattoos. Mihenna helps you bring it all together.
  • Secret Tips for Henna Tattoos

    Let us help you plan the perfect henna night! If you've ever wondered how to get henna out of your clothes, this is the blog for you.
  • The Signs as Henna Tattoo Stencils

    Our henna tattoo stencils are as unique and original as you are. Let’s find the one that best fits your personality.
  • Henna Tattoos Q&A

    You got questions, we got answers. If you’ve been wondering about henna, then you’ve come to the right place. Our body art experts at Mihenna unvei...
  • Is Henna Cultural Appropriation?

    As an Indian-owned business, we consider henna part of cultural sharing, which helps make our world a more united and beautiful place.

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