12 Best Henna Stencils To Match Your Style

12 Best Henna Stencils To Match Your Style

Each person has a unique style and personality. And Mihenna lets you celebrate your uniqueness with glorifying henna tattoos. Our DIY henna stencils will let you explore multiple henna designs and discover your own style in the journey. Let’s not delay further & discuss the top 12 henna stencils from Mihenna:

1. Stellar Henna Stencils

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There is so much to explore in this universe. Are you a curious learner who likes to explore the unknown? This is for you. The universe lies within you. You are made up of the same matter as that of stars. Shine like them with the stellar henna stencils on you. Wear it like a stardust bracelet around your wrist or a shooting star behind your ears. Have it the way you love and let the world follow you.

2. Dahlia Henna Stencil

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Do you live a life beyond limitations and set your own rules? To the bold and beautiful soul in you, this dahlia henna stencil design is your right partner. The Dahlia flower symbolizes dignity and stability. Dahlia is a flower for the queen to carry out a vibrant and lavish look on her. Get in touch with beautiful nature to unlock your inner potential and shine like a queen wherever you go.

3. Flower Henna Stencil

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Flowers represent divine feminine energy along with a great deal of emotions like love, happiness, abundance, beauty or hope. We use flowers to amplify beauty & happiness around us. The petals may be tiny. But, several thousands of them combine together to create life. Have this henna tattoo stencil design anywhere on your hand. It makes you realize the importance of small steps to create a big change. If you are an ambitious person, this will make you accomplish more.

4. Aria Henna Tattoo Stencil

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In Italian, “Aria” represents a song or melody sung by a single person to his fullest potential. Thus, Aria henna stencil for hands design inspires you to admire your style & be confident in who you are. These delicate & graceful henna designs on your fingers encourage you to take action with confidence.

5. Blossom Henna Tattoo Stencil

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Get this mandala blossom design on your hand or your shoulder region, it offers you a classic look on your outfit. With the blossom henna template stencil, you get two mandala designs at the price of one.

6. Azalea Henna Stencil

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Whether you want to curl it around your wrist, ankle or neck, Azalea henna design gives you a perfect look on any outfit. Also,the Azalea tattoo on your neck make you look sexy and cozy. As you wear this tattoo as a bangle or a necklace, it constantly reminds you of your connection with flowers and mother earth.

7. Courage Henna Stencil

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Courage is not being fearless. It is choosing not to give up despite being sacred inside. If there is any symbolic representation of courage, this stencil emerges as the best one. Get this courage henna stencil on your ankle or as a wristband on your hand. Every time things seem to go out of control, this henna foot stencils reminds you to proceed forward with passion and confidence to accomplish the unbelievable.

8. Fawn Henna Stencil

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Feet connect your body with Mother Earth. Thus, they deserve to be loved and admired. Getting this Fawn Henna Design across your feet reminds you of the fact that you are an integral part of nature’s creation. Take the help of our Fawn Henna Design Stencil to walk your journey with confidence, admiration, and inspiration.

9. Gothic Number Henna Stencil

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Are you a number enthusiast? Do you want to tattoo your date of birth or a secret code on your body? Gothic numbers is the perfect henna design for your fingertips, knuckles and along the wrist. With this henna sticker design, you can quickly create number fonts in style without any smudges or calligraphy classes.

10. Haley Henna Stencil

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Do you believe in higher consciousness & spirituality? Mandala art has cultural significance in several religions across the globe. The symmetrical mandala designs connect you to the universe to make you more powerful than ever. In the Haley henna stencil, you get two mandala designs along with two ivy henna bracelets. You can either have it all or share some of the designs with your partner.

11. Sabrina Henna Stencil

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Snakes tend to possess great knowledge with the ability to heal or kill according to multiple mythologies across the globe. They shed their skin and reincarnate themselves becoming the symbols of immortality. Just like serpents, shed away all your bad habits and tap into your highest self. Get this Sabrina stencil on your hand and embrace the power of the snake each day.

12. Starry Eyes Henna Stencil

The eye-shaped amulet catches the glare of someone who wishes bad luck on you. While we don’t wish bad luck for anyone, we want to get a protective eye for you with our henna designs. Have these starry eyes on your palms and guard off any evil cast on you or your partner. These henna tattoo stickers for hands protect you from evil eyes while offering a flattering look on you.


For any henna stencil you pick, the procedure of henna art making remains the same. You can either prepare your own henna paste at home or buy  henna tattoo kits  with stencils with pre-made henna cones. Clean the area thoroughly where you want to apply henna. Cut the stickers from the stencil and stick them on your skin in a perfect position. Spread the henna coat evenly on the stencil and let it dry for two-twelve hours. Peel off the sticker and moisturize to reveal the stunning designs of henna stencils on your body. Why wait any further?  Buy our henna stencils and start making endless henna designs. Thanks for Reading!

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