Best Henna and Jagua Products for Professional Use

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Did you know that 36% of Americans between 25 and 39 years of age have at least one tattoo? This means over one-third of young adults mark their bodies with stylish tattoos. This cultural shift is evident worldwide as tattoos have evolved from being taboo to mainstream in just a few decades.

The trend is projected to continue growing in the coming years, increasing the demand for tattoo sellers and tattoo artists.

With the painful procedure of permanent tattoos and the rising concerns about the unhealthy effects of chemical-induced tattoo inks, the demand for natural and vegan tattoo inks has significantly increased. If you are a tattoo artist or aspiring to become one, now is the perfect time to capitalize on this uptrend.

And here's the good news! We've done the research to save you time. From choosing genuine suppliers to procuring professional henna kits and jagua tattoo essentials and navigating high competition, we're covering everything today. Let's dive right in!

Henna Products for Professional Use

Henna is derived directly from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant. It has been used for centuries as a traditional form of body art. For its coloring properties and healing benefits, henna was integral to various cultural rituals.

Henna has also become a commercial success across the globe. There are various brands selling professional henna tools & supplies. Regardless, if you are looking for the best organic henna tattoo products, you've come to the right place. Discover the magic of henna and jagua tattoos with Mihenna, where nature's beauty is delivered straight from the plants to you.

1. Henna Cone

A henna cone adorned by flowers in the background.

The henna cone comes with pre-mixed henna paste that can be readily applied. Thus, tattoo artists can carry with them & create henna tattoos on the go. Purchase a collection of professional henna cones so you never miss out on any business opportunity anytime.

Regarding the ingredients, the henna paste is prepared by mixing the henna powder with water and the right amount of natural essential oils to enhance the dye release.

Henna powder is safe for most skin types, including sensitive ones, as it is organic and free from harmful chemicals. But doing a patch test on your clients ensures a safer henna experience & also builds customer trust in your brand.

2. Henna Powder

A packet of organic henna powder from Mihenna with USDA label

Organic henna powder is a great option for artists who want to prepare their own paste. You can ensure it's free from chemicals by choosing the ingredients you add to it.

We suggest you avoid any additives to improve the henna stains or its fragrance. They can disrupt the henna composition and cause allergic reactions to the skin. Instead, add essential oils and water to bind the paste & allow for dye release overnight before using.

Transfer the paste into cones or applicator bottles for application. Preparing your own henna paste in bulk can help you save significantly in the long run. You can store the leftover paste vacuum-sealed in the freezer and defrost it for 20 minutes before applying it.

3. Henna Tattoo Kit

A henna tattoo kit featuring a henna cone, stencils, & various tattoo essentials.

Henna tattoo application is simplified with henna kits. Professional henna kits come in handy when you have huge events like bridal henna, Mehndi functions, or any other celebration events.

Mihenna's henna tattoo kits consist of a henna cone, spatulas, coconut oil, an instruction card, and a pack of stencils to trace the designs. The stencils help you create designs quickly & precisely. Whenever you have a big event, gather some henna kits, and you can rest assured of creating jaw-dropping designs for clients with ease.

You can also opt for event-specific professional henna kits such as bridal henna kits, bachelorette kits, kids' tattoo kits, best-seller kits, and more.

4. Natural Henna Hair Dye

A woman applying organic henna hair dye for her hair.

Another popular henna product that attracts clients is henna hair dye. Due to pollution, harsh climatic conditions, and factors such as vitamin deficiency, many people experience premature hair graying, hair fall, dandruff, and other scalp conditions.

Henna hair dye offers an effective solution to these problems, from alleviating dandruff to coloring gray hair and everything in between. Therefore, offering professional henna hair dye services can be highly lucrative while solving your customers' hair issues.

Typically, henna hair dye is available in powder form. To create the dye paste, you need to mix the powder with water. Making the henna hair dye paste yourself allows you to master the art further and ensures you provide organic products to your customers.

Jagua Products for Professional Use

Jagua, derived from the Genipa Americana fruit, is a natural dye that creates temporary bluish-black tattoos. Its color resembles permanent tattoos, making it a popular natural alternative to painful permanent tattoos and harmful black henna.

Here are the key Jagua products required for professional use:

1. Jagua Gel

an image showcasing Jagua tattoo gel with an applicator bottle and multi-color tips

Jagua tattoo gel is produced from the pulp of the jagua fruit. It is also prepared from organic jagua powder by adding a gel agent. Tattoos made from the gel leave vibrant blue/black stains that last for about a week.

2. Jagua Powder

Image featuring organic jagua powder in a black bottle.

This is the powdered form of dried jagua fruit. Mihenna's jagua powder is 100% natural and free from chemicals or additives, making it a safe and pure option for temporary body art.

3. Jagua Tattoo Kit

Jagua tattoo kits are perfect for professional use. You can offer clients a unique and unforgettable experience at any event, big or small, with professional Jagua tattoo kits.

Mihenna offers a comprehensive Jagua tattoo kit that includes a Jagua tattoo gel, an applicator bottle with different tips, coconut oil, and a pack of stencils. These kits ensure you have everything you need and are well-prepared for any event.

Mihenna's organic jagua tattoo kits provide you with reliable and high-quality tools for your professional tattooing needs.

Essential Accessories and Tools

Professional henna and jagua artists rely heavily on a variety of tattoo accessories and tools. Access to quality resources ensures precise application, a hygienic experience, and improved overall tattoo quality.

With a comprehensive toolkit, you can diversify your services and increase revenue. Here are some essential accessories and professional henna tools required to create stunning tattoos:

1. Henna Cones & Jagua Gel: Achieve alluring reddish-brown hues with henna and elegant bluish-black hues with jagua tattoo gel. Both must be organic and free from added chemicals.

2. Applicator Bottles: Applicator bottles are filled with henna paste or jagua tattoo gel for easy application. These bottles are easy to handle and allow you to draw lines of varying thickness, with or without interchangeable tips.

3. Spatulas: Spatulas are useful for applying henna paste onto stencils, ensuring even and precise application.

4. Mixing Bowls: Ideal for preparing your own henna paste at home using henna powder and a liquid of your choice.

5. Gloves & Aprons: Essential for safety, these protect the artist's hands and clothing from stains. Extra towels and aprons serve the same purpose for your clients.

6. Stencils: Quickly trace intricate designs using henna tattoo stencils, perfect for consistent and detailed artwork.

7. Essential Oils: These essential oils help enhance the dye release of henna, resulting in more vibrant designs.

8. Aftercare Products: Include moisturizing options like coconut oil or olive oil and a pack of tissues to help prolong the vibrancy of tattoo designs.

With these tools and accessories, you, as a tattoo artist, can whip up amazing, one-of-a-kind designs while maintaining safety and client satisfaction.

Reliable Suppliers and Quality Assurance

The suppliers you choose play a crucial role in the success of your tattoo business. Partnering with reliable and authentic suppliers is essential for your business's reputation and growth.

But how can you identify a genuine supplier among the many henna and jagua tattoo gel sellers in the market?

Unfortunately, many sellers, including some well-known brands, add harmful chemicals to enhance the fragrance and coloring of their products. Choosing such chemical-laden products ultimately harms the customer and your business.

Another problematic product doing the rounds is black henna. Despite its name, it is not a genuine henna. Black henna contains a dangerous chemical called PPD (para-phenylenediamine), which is responsible for its black color. PPD can cause severe allergic reactions and skin damage, putting your client's health and your business reputation at risk.

To ensure you are working with genuine suppliers, look for those who offer chemical-free professional henna kits. Also, check if they have a solid reputation for quality and safety. This step is vital in maintaining your tattoo business integrity and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your clients.

Maximizing Cost-Effectiveness

If you have regular clients, you can reduce purchase costs by ordering henna design kits and jagua products in bulk. It's a good idea to reach out to your suppliers, talk about your needs, and get a quote for bulk orders. Building a favorable relationship with them can lead to big savings over time.

Also, don't toss those leftover henna & jagua pastes! These products can be frozen, saving you money and extending your creative potential. If there isn't a constant demand, you can keep henna and jagua pastes useful for up to three months by storing them in the freezer. Proper storage ensures that your products remain fresh and ready for use, reducing unnecessary waste.


With the growing popularity of organic henna and jagua tattoos, opportunities for tattoo artists are on the rise. So, selecting the right suppliers and mastering the art will establish you as a trustworthy professional in the tattoo industry.

If you ever need a reliable organic supplier, simply choose Mihenna. We only sell organic products that are safe for humans and kind to the earth. Try our professional henna kits and jagua body art kits to offer fulfilling exercises for the customers.

Explore our collection today!


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