Discover the finest 7 Henna Artists Near Orlando, Florida

Discover the finest 7 Henna Artists Near Orlando, Florida

Creating designs with stencils is a skill, but it doesn't quite compare to the magic professional henna artists bring to their art. Their ability to breathe life into their creations is unparalleled. Since henna isn't native to the United States, finding professional henna artists here can be challenging.

To assist you in discovering skilled henna artists for your celebrations, we've curated a list of the top 7 henna professionals in Orlando, Florida.

You can connect with them before your next event and swiftly elevate your look to something extraordinary.

1. Henna Designs by Niki

An image displaying henna designs by niki complemented by beautiful artistry in the background.

“Henna Designs by Niki” specializes in henna art services for your wedding, baby shower, sweet 16 parties & other celebrations. This henna artist tries to make every celebration more spectacular and memorable through her artwork.

Specializing in bridal henna, she collaborates closely with clients, offering customization to meet individual needs and desires.

Check her on Facebook.

2. The Henna Studio

the henna studio logo

From classic to modern styles and everything in between, the Henna Studio proudly serves Central Florida.

They offer exceptional henna and nail services, & meet personal and event beauty needs.

Specializing in bridal henna and catering to various events (private, corporate, and consumer), the Henna Studio also offers licensed nail services. Whether it's a private "1 on 1" session or an event with over 1000 guests, their studio is well-equipped to meet your beauty requirements with excellence.

Connect with them on their official website or Facebook.

3. World Henna

An image displaying world henna company art with contact details and website address.

World Henna is a premier henna art company in Orlando that brings over 16 years of experience to every client. Established in 2006, World Henna takes pride in offering top-notch henna, face painting, and body art services throughout Orlando, Central Florida, and beyond.

Specializing in mehndi henna designs tailored for diverse needs and occasions, they cater to intricate designs and playful options. Committed to safety, they exclusively use fresh, natural mehndi henna to ensure a beautiful color and a secure experience.

Additionally, World Henna provides fresh, natural Jagua for safe temporary black tattoos sourced from the Amazon jungles of South America. Celebrate every occasion like never before, as World Henna strives to provide the best possible experience for you.

Check out on Instagram.

4. Good Vibrations Henna

A brand image featuring temporary tattoos, jagua tattoo art by melissa.

Melissa is a popular tattoo artist in Wilmington, North California. She began her journey in henna body art at the age of 15. Over the years, Melissa's passion has taken her to various corners of the globe, teaching at conferences in Hungary, Cuba, California, and Atlanta.

In 2018, Melissa transitioned into professional tattooing at Equilattera in Miami, where she honed her skills under the guidance of seasoned artists, including Gerardo "Waz." Inspired by mehndi (henna), nature, celestial elements, esoteric symbols, and astrology.

Melissa specializes in line-focused, ornamental designs and those with deep, meaningful significance.

Connect with her on Instagram.

5. Henna Allure

A pretty woman decorated with beautiful outfits, jewelry, and wedding henna designs on her arms.

Renowned as the best in Orlando for henna services, Henna Allure is dedicated to creating beautiful and personalized experiences for each client. In addition to their exceptional henna services, they offer top-notch bridal and hair services, party makeup, and hair styling to enhance any celebration.

Message on Instagram.

6. Gokul’s Henna Art

A woman showcasing intricate & symmetric henna art on her pretty hands.

For more than 24 years, Gokul has been enchanting India, Orlando, and Florida with their exquisite custom henna tattoo designs and Jagua tattoos. As a self-taught henna artist, Gokul's passion has fueled her dedication to delivering artistic and professional services.

Beyond creating beautiful designs, her commitment lies in ensuring that every client's experience with henna/mehndi is unique, enjoyable, and unforgettable. Let Gokul turn your moments into memories that linger with beauty and charm.

Visit the profile on Instagram.

7. Tejal Henna

A woman showing off her beautiful henna tattoo on the back of her hand.

Tejal Patel has established a legacy of crafting distinctive henna art across Orlando and Central Florida, with over 23 years of expertise.

Tejal Henna specializes in creating unique body art for diverse occasions, including weddings, sangeet, mehendi parties, bridal and baby showers, conventions, corporate events, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, pregnant bellies, parties, and various other celebrations.

Check out her work on Instagram.

Summing Up!

Witness the magic of henna artistry near Orlando with our top 7 recommended henna artists. Look fabulous for your next event by connecting with any of these skilled professional henna artists.

Have a Happy Henna Celebration!

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