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The Ring Henna Kit


Stencils Included:


  • Ready-to-use henna cone (fills 6 - 8 designs)
  • One vial of coconut oil
  • Instructions for professional results

If you and the girls are ready to look glam with a new set of jewelry-inspired henna tattoos, we have just the henna body art kit for you. Hand-selected sticker stencils were brought together to focus on blinging out your fingers, along with a few palm designs for good measure.

To use our kit you'll need a group of friends who like to get hands on with their henna designs and a pair of scissors. Cut out the individual rings and press the sticker firmly to your fingers. Use the freshly prepared and ready to use henna paste to apply an even coat over the stencil. Allow it to dry for two to twelve hours and peel off the stencil. You can use our handy bottle of coconut oil to help you stay moisturized so you can show off your stylish henna tattoos for weeks to come.

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