Jasmine Henna Stencil


Love is in the air, along with the scents of the delicate Jasmine flower and the earthy undertones of fresh, premium henna paste. Jasmine is the perfect way to express your infatuation and romance, and Mihenna's floral bangle henna design wants to be your matchmaker. Wrap this dainty chain of Jasmine flowers around your wrist or ankle, or you can separate out into individual blooms to place anywhere your heart desires.

Catch the eye of your secret crush with a flawless and easy henna tattoo. You'll never have to worry about ugly smudges when you are using one of Mihenna's sticker stencils . You will get a perfect floral bangle henna design every time. Cut out the stencil (wholly or just a flower or two) and press it firmly to your skin. Next, apply henna paste over the top of the stencil and allow to dry. Between two and twelve hours later, peel back the sticker to reveal your lovely Jasmine flowers.

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