Blossom Henna Stencil


Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers - plant your own garden! Turning the soil, pulling the weeds, and watering is hard work but well worth it when you see the fruits of your labor bursting forth in the Spring. You already have what it takes to achieve your dreams, and Mihenna's Blossom Stencil is here to remind you of this very fact. This easy mandala henna design comes with a swinging chain of dangling jewelry that you can place anywhere you'd like to serve as a reminder of everything inside of you that's ready to bloom.

Keep the hard work for your garden because we make our mandala henna designs easy to apply for the perfect look. The sticker stencil sticks to your skin to avoid any smears. Then you spread the henna paste over top and wait for it to dry between two and twelve hours. When you're ready to peel back, you'll reveal a tasteful blossoming mandala.

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