• How to Make Henna Paste

    In order to increase the accessibility of henna art and enhance cultural sharing, Mihenna has proudly offered our ready-to-use henna paste for the ...
  • Become a Henna Artist

    If you love henna art the way we do, then learning to become a henna artist must be on your todo list. We’ll help you get there by starting with th...
  • Introducing: The Henna Freckle Kit

    Our collection of henna tattoo kits is growing with the introduction of our new Henna Freckle Kit! We know how much you all loved Natalia’s video ...
  • More Henna Q&A

    Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our first post on Henna Tattoos Q&A, and to everyone who reached out with additional questions, we have answe...
  • Secret Tips for Henna Tattoos

    Let us help you plan the perfect henna night! If you've ever wondered how to get henna out of your clothes, this is the blog for you.
  • Henna Tattoos Q&A

    You got questions, we got answers. If you’ve been wondering about henna, then you’ve come to the right place. Our body art experts at Mihenna unvei...
  • Mix n Match Your Henna Designs

    Of the many, many reasons to love Mihenna’s sticker stencils (easy! fun! trendy!), one of our favorite features is how versatile they are. There’s ...
  • How to Fake Your Freckles with Henna

    Create your own fake henna freckles for a realistic, summer fun look whenever you want to change up your style! Mihenna has everything you need to get it right.
  • How to Throw a Henna Party

    Find out everything you need to plan the best henna party for all of your friends. From food to henna kits, we have it all!

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